There isn't much to report right now since I'm working as much as possible on that Medusa but I'm still probably just about a 6th of the way through it.  As I predicted I did end up redrawing her face:
I usually don't fidget with the drawing at the inked stage since it can get messy and I am basically a super impatient person  but I knew this would be the sort of thing where I would look at it when it was done and cringe because the face bothered me.  [edit: I realized reading this later that it's absurd to say I'm impatient and follow it by saying I'm going to spend a month painting like thousands of tiny scales so I should clarify that I'm really impatient when it comes to planning a piece.  I like to just get started. After that it's all blissful minutiae which I love.] Sometimes it pays to slow down and consider some reference, but going into it I was more excited about the snakes than her face.

And so far, a week into painting (evenings and weekends) I'm not even halfway up the snakes working from bottom to top.  My goal is to finish this by the end of the month but who knows if that's possible. Here's a crappy camera phone photo of a few snakes:
That's all for a bit, hopefully I'll have a better photo and some more progress soon.


Unknown said...

I am so excited about this! Those snakeys already look amazing.

wandering genie said...

Aw, thanks Melanie! Hopefully I'll have some more progress to show soon! I might try to keep the finished thing secret until my show but it's not until July and I probably can't wait that long haha.