Huginn To The Hanged And Muninn To The Slain


I'm feeling uncharacteristically down on stuff lately so I admittedly haven't been very productive. Here's a few process pictures of stuff I have managed to get started.

The ink drawing for the topper that will go on the frame for the giant piece I have in the works:
And a shot of it as I started to paint it last week. I've gotten way further since:
This is Huginn and Muninn Odin's ravens (thought and memory) flanking his eye which will be positioned at the top of the frame looking down at the whole world that will (hopefully, by the end of the year) be rendered below it.

Basically for this project which will take place over the span of en entire year, I needed to think of a subject that would be able to do in pieces on a large scale. It's hard to explain but the way the paint I use seems to work, and the rate at which it starts to dry out and separate after being mixed means making one big uniform area of color is really hard for me. I wanted to do something with a layered world with a lot of different textures and colors, something where I could represent water, forests, sky, creatures, and subterranean creeps. It occurred to me that the Norse structure of the universe would give me lots of opportunity to do all that. I'll write more about it when it's a bit more underway.

Aside from this project I'm working on a present I can't post for a couple more weeks, and starting a small poster for a friend to be used as a bonus insert for pre-orders of a record he's putting out. Here's a sketch for it:
This is a noteworthy sketch because generally my sketches are jumbled completely unrendered garbage that I can't make heads or tales of even a few days after making it. Observe:
Good thing I labeled everything?



All That Tread The Globe Are But A Handful To The Tribes That Slumber In its Bosom

Hey hey,

I have a few more images from the show. You can see pictures of the opening on Part Time's site (including a photo of the awesome anchor shaped cookies my mom made!). Here's a picture our friend Roxy took of the window vinyl:
And here are a few photos my friend Ryann took of two of the pieces, the Melusine with some close ups:

And one of the whale bones I had previously only posted close ups of:

I also thought I'd talk about flea markets for a minute. Around PA (and Jerz) we have "farmers markets" that are not at all what you are picturing. While they do sell produce and supplies, they are essentially elaborate dirtmalls with extensive outdoor (and indoor) flea markets where people sell all kinds of terrific (and pointless) junk. Whole stalls of rusty metal, single watch bands, 12 packs of dollar store bras for 5 bucks (suspicious), knock off handbags, bins filled with hundreds of dirty toys, knives, swords, biker jewelry, cassettes, old magazines and comics, essentially heaven for cheap junkhounds. There are also many food stands but my friends and I have a long standing personal rule to never eat from the dirt mall that is only broken at the Berlin Mart apple cider donut stand. My two favorite are the Berlin Mart (NJ) and the Quakertown Mart (PA) (aka Qmart) where I found this:
Framing for shows can be really expensive, even when you do it yourself with cheap(er) ikea frames, and while I think uniform plain frames can be good and less distracting I'm usually after weird shapes and elaborate decorative frames so all of mine come from one of three places: the aforementioned farmers markets where I've picked up dozens of frames usually for 1-6 bucks, from my aunt who finds them at thrift stores in Nebraska and mails them to me, and my grandfather's basement. Last weekend we went to the Berlin mart for the first time since the fall and I did really well:
I got those four frames plus another round one I didn't photograph (plus all of that other awesome junk). I'm generally after gold, round or oval, decorative frames. I think all four of those came to 3 dollars. At this point I have a pretty good stockpile of weird medium to small size frames and just grab one and make a piece to fit when I think of something appropriate. I recommend this tactic as you 1) save money 2) don't buy something new when something used works just as well 3) give your money to a flea market weirdo instead of a big company and 4) will have a bunch of really cool looking frames.

Unrelated to art my second most sought after items are "shitty gorillas" for my collection of poorly produced and poorly painted plastic gorillas:
Anyway, hopefully soon I'll have a scan of the last piece I did for the show, some babble about Kull and Atlantis, and some process photos of what I'm working on now, which is my piece for the "1 Year Project" (heads up, my piece is Norse themed and huge).


Originals for sale online!

Hey, guess what! The gallery hosting my most recent show will have an online store up for a limited time where you can buy a framed original piece of mine or Mike's. And they ship! Feel free to contact me for better images of pieces I haven't posted yet if you can't make them out from the webstore photos.
Visit the store here:


Infinitus Sleep Has Ended

I'm waiting for some photos of some of the bigger (less easily scann-able) pieces from the show to post in full here as well as some photos taken of everything hanging and the opening itself, so in the meantime here's the full scan of the Bake-Kujira I just posted a close up of previously:

and a close up of the weird pink water:
and a close of up of one of the weird birds:
I'll write a longer entry about the show when I get some images to share, and when i have some more rambling junk about what I'm working on next.