Wheel Against The Twilight

Sorry for my long absence! I'm currently working at two jobs and it's been hard to find time for art or maintaining any sort of internet presence. A couple of brief notes for now though.

The Empty Night Skies show comes down TONIGHT and I should have a final sales tally soon. My estimate at the moment is somewhere around $4,000 which is pretty exciting. We're planning on setting up an etsy store for some of the remaining art that hasn't sold, mostly prints and zines and a few framed originals plus little things like buttons. In the meantime I also strongly recommend checking out Alan Brown's etsy store and the Bat Force print series he just announced, the proceeds of which also go to Bat Conservation International. Alan is the genius behind the hand carved bat action figures that were in the show and everything he does is great!

Also, don't think I haven't been doing anything, even if I've been a bit slow. I did the goofy flyer for this show (Mean Jeans, Hollywood, Tough Shits, The Adults, Pussy Dogs), and I have another little commission underway. Here's just a little piece of the drawing for it:
It'll be another grey scale painting, since I'm trying to work on getting better at making things that can be reproduced in black and white. I'll hopefully have it finished in a week or so and I'll explain what it's for then.

On a related note I was looking over my "body of work" recently to see if, like a lot of people, I tend to draw a lot of people that look like myself and while there are a fair amount of dark haired girls with big noses and big eyebrows I found that mostly my work is dominated by skeletons and corpses. I guess I'm ok with that!