Fat Jackals Howl at the Moon

Totally unrelated to everything except what I'm generally preoccupied by today but ohhh my godddddddd:

I love that.....

Only 5 fun-a-days left! the first few from this next batch are probably my favorite. I'll post them at the end of the week sometime!

Next up is the heart show. Unfortunately because of my work (meaning boring paying job) schedule I'm pretty much doing projects back to back most of the time, without a lot of time for sketching or fooling around, but I'm excited about my idea (heartshaped ouija board and a heartshaped planchet!) and hopefully with an extra day off of work it'll all get finished in time!


the venturers don't venture here

I spent all day listening to the adverts and roky erickson, painting and cleaning the studio. For the record I am the world's least organized person and in the 5 hours between me taking this picture and me posting it, I completely wrecked everything but I present this very false impression of my work space. Imagine it covered in piles of frames and plastic toys and crumpled paper and you're pretty much there.


Fun-a-Day, first 10 Days

Hey Hey,

So this year I decided to participate in Fun-A-Day, thinking it would be a fun challenge and an opportunity to throw myself into painting in a smaller scale. I decided in order to combat my short attention span I should stick with what I'm interested in and opted to paint a monster a day. They are each about 2 inches across. Here are the first 10!

In other news, as I mentioned back in the Snyderman Works on Paper post, my roomate Josh makes AMAZING frames, and I've been waiting for him to have something online for me show off. He just started his own blog where you can see his excellent artwork as well as the beautiful custom frames and various other carpentry jobs he's done. If you're an artist looking for really beautiful professional frames for your own work, or if you have some art you need framed for your house and would like to pay a real life talented Philadelphia artist to make something for you instead of the swedish slave labor gnomes who make frames for IKEA please seek him out! Here are a few pictures of his work: