This is a revamp from an unused tshirt design I did. Toothier, hairier, more bug eyed, etc.

Hanafuda-Man with an Umbrella

prooooobbbbably the last one.

Rosa the Dog

full color portrait of my friend Katrina's dog, Rosa.


Hanafuda Crane and Deer!

Crane and Deer prints are done! available in magenta and teal (deer) and gold and purple (crane). Each print is handscreened on cover stock printing paper and is 10 1/4 in by 13 3/4 in. following are swatches of each print. $10 each or $25 for all three. email burningbrothel@gmail.com for information!



These dudes are so ugly. I went kinda crazy with it.


Hanafuda boar prints!

hanafuda boar screenprint ($10!) available in orange red and yellow green
and also a few hot pink streaked orange red ones, if you're feeling adventurous

also two new hanafuda designs- a deer:

and a crane (mind the crappy scan):

both soon to be prints in the series!


soon to be a print.


Happy Birthday, Justin!

This is his "card". Also, if anyone cares, I used these Koh-I-Noor stackable watercolors to color it and I recommend them really really really highly. Super vivid colors. Really portable. Blah blah blah.



Matt and I painted ratt finks on old pizza boxes from my alley. uhhh are old spraypainted pizza boxes archival? probably not. he spray painted.


Some old prints...

Part of a series of women from horror movies that I seem to have misplaced. These are a couple I did when I was fooling around printing block prints with half dried ink and water spots to get fuzzy devolved looking stuff...


the Sharpie Project...

For a week or so during the summer I made a point to draw one completely ridiculous sharpie drawing a day, to relieve the stress of producing something that was actually worthwhile. It's a fun exercise and the results were impressively retarded...