Burn The Flames, Never To Expire

I was waiting to post this because I wanted to surprise the friend I made it for but I painted this last week. A little alchemical rooster on another wooden egg.

These things are tricky to paint because it takes a lot of contact to keep it steady and turn it while you go, but the paint I use easily absorbs grease from even the cleanest hands (not like mine are the cleanest).

I spent the whole time working on it trying to hold it steady without greasing it up and mostly succeeded except for the very top.
I'm going to keep it short and sweet for once since I decided to dedicate today to lounging in the AC after a week of biking all over the damn place and going to every show in every hot basement. I just wanted to make something for a friend who's always been super generous with his talent and time. The symbolism is sort of intentionally vague.