Stare Into These Eyes.. Discover Deep Within Them The Unspeakable Terrifying Secret

While I have tons of new work to post, I'm trying to hold off on posting full images of anything until after the show opens.  It's really hard for me to exhibit any kind of restraint like this, especially living in a period in time where you have so many platforms to brag on.  That gorgon painting was the biggest, most time consuming painting I've ever done, and it took a full month to finish (bearing in mind I also work at a job full time but still).  Not posting it in full and bragging like an idiot is sort of killing me, but here's a few cell phone pictures:

I'm probably not going to sell the original of this one at the show, because it was so huge and time consuming and would have to be pretty expensive, and that's just inappropriate for a coffee shop show.  But I AM going to have super nice high quality prints available of it, and I'm going to experiment with leafing the prints as well.  As usual, the best place to see images like this as I work on things is my instagram account, username everlastingfaint.  I have a lot to say regarding the meaning and personal relevance of the gorgon image (specifically in the case of this painting the gorgoneion) but that's going to have to wait until a later time, probably when I post the full image.

Something I CAN and should post in full is this flyer I finished in record time a few weeks ago:
This was just a little idea I had floating around in my head for the past couple months.  I originally wanted to design a skate deck with this image on it, and may still use it for that since it lends itself well to the shape.  It's just roughly based around all of those horror movies where the premise is that a witch or innocent woman accused of witchcraft was killed but then resurrected a hundred years later (usually in the 60's or 70's) ready for revenge.  I'm learning to plan paintings I can pull off in shorter amounts of time with a lot of solid black areas, which I actually think reads better for flyers anyway, and sort of sets off the more detailed stuff.  Anyway, this show will be fun, Golden Tea House is one of my favorite places to go to shows in this city and I'm looking forward to another summer of shows and riding bikes and swimming in lakes.

Aside from all this I'm about one night's work away from finishing what will be my 5th piece so far for the show.  Here's a little bit of it:

I have to say I'm really excited about this show.  It's been a while since I had a show, solo or two person and Alan is seriously an incredible artist I'm so happy to be planning stuff with.  Everything he's shown me that he's done so far as been amazing and we've spent a lot of time bouncing ideas off each other that we inevitably need to scale way back (left to our own devices with all the time in the world we would probably make hundreds of things in like 20 different mediums).  If you want to see what Alans working on you can follow him on instagram under the username "possumfingers" or look here if you don't have that kinda phone. 

Last little bit of whatever, I finally made a facebook page for my art. Over the years every so often someone will try to add my personal page on facebook and I feel bad ignoring those requests but if I can't identify the person as at least someone I've commented back and forth with or who has emailed me or something I usually wont add them back.  It's not that I'm crazy secretive, just that my  facebook page is full of stupid personal gibberish and pictures of me looking like a goof.  However, I did realize that the place where you could most easily view lots of my paintings in a nice easy to look at format was my facebook account.  So anyway, here's the art page, feel free to "like" or pass it along,  it's a great way to look at everything I've done in one place, and it'll probably be yet another way to see what I'm up to.  Important stuff like this: