I Come Old Friend From Hell Tonight, Across The Rotting Sea

Soooooo it's slow going at the moment. It took a while to get my drawing down last week and I had a lot of stuff to do over the weekend so I didn't buckle down like I usually do (read: I went outside!). Here are a few in progress photos of the Bake-kujira:
The Bake-kujira is a ghost whale attended by strange fish and birds in Japanese folklore. I'm so-so on how it's coming out, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to draw something that had a visible skeleton. The link I provided above is to the Obakemono Project which is really cool and worth checking out. It's a series of little stylized illustrations and entries on yokai.

Hey, check it out, here's a show card:
Please come!

There are so many things I want to do for this show but as always I have limited time. I'm still thinking about doing Melusine, something about a sunken city either from Poe's "The City in the Sea" or an R.E.H. poem (he has a lot to say about Atlantis), something about sailors valentines, and maybe something about drowned sailors getting revenge (like from all those E.C. comics and the Fog, and this song which is so unbelievably stuck in my head right now). I'm also still mulling over how to do something related to the Flying Dutchman or Davy Jones even though those two bits of folklore got Disneyed to death with the Pirates of the Caribbean. Also still working my way through that William Hope Hodgson book.

I'm getting the winter crazies and hoping that this show being done will correspond with the beginning of spring. As much as I like snow and even sometimes the cold I'm getting pretty stir crazy and would like to be able to ride my bike without eating shit on the ice and so on.


D-isorderly said...

I love the stuff you put up here. Love to go to one of your shows IF you ever make it to the Los Angeles area. :) -|-

wandering genie said...

Thanks! Ha, so far my reach is pretty much the PA tri-state area, but someday I'm sure I'll get to the other coast.