Year's End

I have to do this really quickly since I have to go to work soon and leave for a trip straight from there.  I'll be traveling through the winter holidays while my work is closed down and I'm in a bit of a rush to get things in order as always.  While I wanted to write some sort of reflection about what I worked on this year I guess the blog archive serves that function so here's the last piece I finished in 2012 and a little peek at the next two things I have lined up to work on in 2013.

First off here's a commissioned present on of my best buds had me make for her partner.  She gave me some really loose guidelines of things I could include and I ended up doing two foxes chasing each other around the middle and the cluster of clouds and mountains. 

I heard he liked it so mission accomplished.  I also did this in trade for her old iphone so I can join the rest of the world doing art stuff on instagram. I just can't keep up!

Here's two little looks at what I'll be working on when I get back from my trip. One's a line drawing ready to be painted and one's a sketch I got approval on:
I also have a tentative show date for this summer and a ton of ideas for new work. I'm really excited to get started on new things.

And finally, here's a mix I uploaded to my friends blog project.  The idea is that we all include a mix of songs that are new or new to us in the past year and write a little bit about why we like the song/band. Mine is a little skewed towards shows I went to this year and I had to put it together hastily while I should have been packing but check it out if you're so inclined!


Unknown said...

If I were you, I'd stay away from Instagram. They literally just amended their terms and conditions to allow them to sell your photos to any company they please without notifying you. Not very artist friendly, if you ask me.

wandering genie said...

As someone who posts art on facebook out of necessity I can't say that instagram is any worse privacy wise. In fact it might be a little better. And don't worry, I've seen the flood of articles and counterpoints and freaking out.