We Bring The Greater Days

Just a short update to make up for my silence. I've been busy and sick, and spending a couple days in bed with tissues crammed up my nose really put me behind work-wise and socially (and yeah, I have yet to post stuff in that etsy account oooops). Today was my first day up and about in a while and I picked a good day for it because it appears to be a very convincing false spring day. Nice. Anyway, the painting I'm working on for the Forgotten Gods show is nearly done (and would have BEEN done by now if not for the sickness). Just some sneak peaks:
The only part I have left to do:
I like seeing stuff at this stage, especially knowing that it defies what painting and drawing instructors told me about working on the whole piece slowly building all the areas together. The few classes I have taken I was always scolded for working in sections and though I get why, generally, that is a bad habit it ended up being perfect for the method I've invented for myself.

I've been meaning to note this for a while since I know everybody looooooves tumblr these days but I do have a seldom used tumblr account I may start using more. Last night I transcribed and posted a runic farting spell from a book I'm reading if that gives you any clue to the content.

In other news, the bat show now has a facebook invite with some images of the work that's coming in. If you use facebook feel free to check it out and spread the word! Getting really excited as it gets closer and also a bit nervous about the setback of this past week since I have my own piece to finish. However, the invites and posters are currently in production, and we're hoping to have something to bring to this excellent lecture on the impact of WNS coming up at the Wagner. If you live in Philly or nearby I would definitely recommend going!

Finally, Happy International Women's Day (everyday).


Amy Duncan said...

jeanne, I toatlly do that finishing one bit at a time thing too! I can't help it, I do it with tattoos as well - I can't handle seeing my work unpolished I guess.

also, I just saw that you posted my little in-progress photo on the bat page which is nice - more coming soon! wish I could invite some friends to the show but I don't know anyone in philly except you.

Ryan King said...

Holy crap! Your work never disappoints. Out of curiosity, how long have you been working on this one?

wandering genie said...

hey thanks! hmmm it's always hard for me to work out time estimates since the free time I have for painting is broken up by going to work and I usually can only paint in like 3 hour stretches during the week. I probably spent a day and a half just on the background, and a full afternoon on just the scales in the body if that gives you any idea.