Hollow Sky

I'm a bit slow starting on my piece for the bat show. Going back and forth on ideas which absolutely sucks when you don't have a lot of time to work on something. After much moping and procrastinating I decided to start a small piece so that if I was going to waste time, at least I'd be working on something in the meantime.
I also made a couple resin pieces with tiny embedded bones that I'm planning to use for the frames.
In other bat news, if you live in the Philadelphia area the Wagner is hosting a lecture on the impact of White Nose Syndrome next weekend:

In the last five years an epidemic called White-Nose Syndrome has killed more than

5.5 million bats in the northeast United States. It is said to be one of the most devastating diseases in the history of mammals and threatens some of North America’s most abundant bat species with extinction. Dr. Barton, an expert on microbial life within caves and an avid spelunker, is uniquely suited to understand White-Nose Syndrome. Join us to hear about her latest research -- she may be our best hope in the race to find a cure to save the bats.

Dr. Hazel Barton is an Associate Professor of Biology and an Associate Professor of Geology and Environmental Science at the University of Akron, Ohio. Her award-winning research, published in over 30 peer-reviewed articles, focuses on understanding microbial processes in cave environments. She has appeared in numerous publications, TV shows, and in the documentary “Journey Into Amazing Caves.” She is currently a Fellow of the National Speleological Society and the recipient of a National Science Foundation CAREER Award.


kati said...

OH MY GOD. Can I call dibs now? Those resin pieces are the best. The only thing I ever successfully cast in resin was a stink bug!

wandering genie said...
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wandering genie said...

I know resin is supposed to be really tricky but I've somehow had great luck with everything I've tried so far? Just lucky maybe. I think these pieces need a bit of polishing though, so there's still potential for me to ruin them attempting that. I cast them in a silicon "jewel" ice cube tray. I think I'm going to do two smallish pieces for this show both with one resin piece mounted onto the frame. The other piece that came out well is a squarish jewel with teeny crossbones in it.