Little Stuff

Here's a little sneak peek at the first smaller piece I finished for the bat show:
I'll be posting full images including framed ones and some explanation closer to the show. Trying to keep a little mystery around the event but I have to say everything I've gotten so far has been REALLY good and people are putting a lot of work and thought into what they're doing which is awesome. You can see some images and info on the event page.

I also just got in the buttons we made for the show, thinking it was a good way for people to show support and donate a buck or .50 if they didn't have the money or inclination to buy art. They'll be available at the opening and afterwards on the internet. We had them printed in 1.25in and the more traditional 1in (those are compliments of Alex at small world buttons) :
There are four designs, one from me, one from Mike Bukowski, one from Justin Gray, and one from Alan "Medusa Wolf" Brown:
In other news, check out this little write up about the Forgotten Gods show I was in on Friday. It'll be up for a little while so go check it out if you find yourself around that area. There was a lot of good work in it. I also made some cheaper hand signed prints ($15) which you can buy there. I'll be doing a more expensive higher quality run later, so if you're low on cash but just like the image and want a print try and pick up one from Phantom Hand. I did the layout of the print to echo the frame which came out pretty cool:
Just started my second bat show piece last night and I look forward to pulling my hair out in the next couple weeks trying to finish that and wrangle around 50 artists and get the show together. PHEW.

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