Everlasting Faint

I got invited to be in a Mythology themed group show in March so I decided to throw another project in before I work on the bat show piece. I just couldn't pass up a show with this theme. I spent half a week going back and forth on my design. My issue is usually that I have a lot of ideas I've been thinking about for a while, just waiting for an appropriate project. It's never the case that I don't have ANY ideas I just sometimes have trouble figuring out which one is the RIGHT one. Anyway, I stopped freaking myself out and in two days designed, drew and inked this:
I'm pretty excited about how it's going so far but it's going to be a lot of detail work (snake and fish scales take foreverrrrrrr for me) so I need to get painting as soon as possible.
More info about what it is when I have a finished painting to post.

I also made an experimental etsy store last week to sell off the remaining heart pins from the heart show (there are actually a lot left) once I get them back. I'll probably put some really old prints in there too for really cheap since they're just cluttering up my studio. I'll update when that actually happens but for the time being here's the link. My heart pins in the Storage Heart Show didn't do great but my bigger piece in the Jinxed show sold right away which is cool!

In other news, the Alice Bag show/reading went really well two weeks ago and I have to say it was one of my more fulfilling experiences making art. It just feels great to contribute something to someone whose body of work has meant a lot to me. She's extremely nice and inspiring and somehow she ended up asking me for my autograph right off the bat. I did get her's too though:Ahhhh enough mooning, back to work, D'Angelo.


jesse.anne.o said...

I am already imagining the crow, cloudy sky and the skull/waves in my possession. I'm hoping other buyers' whimsy and my budget let this be the case - for at least one of them. I mean. Come on.

wandering genie said...

Two out of three of those didn't sell at the show (the crow and the skull) and shouuuuld find their way onto etsy. I can also remake some of them to the best of my ability if those sell. Lots of people were into the cloud one so I might end up cranking a few of them out!

Amy Duncan said...

jeanne! this new piece looks intriguing and amazing as always! and I would totally love that heart with the crystals if it didn't sell, or the one with the cat. Or any of them, really.ouniones ouneryb

Amy Duncan said...

bahaha, sorry I typed the captcha in the text box! should probably get some sleep.

wandering genie said...

AMY I was actually thinking of mailing you the crystal one out of the blue anyway! I was trying to find your address in my email so as not to spoil it haha.

Amy Duncan said...

aw, jeanne that's so sweet! hey I'm gonna have to mail you the bat drawing so I can send all the other trade items with it, finally!