Like A Wet, Red Stain

Celebrated my birthday with my awesome friends this weekend then spent two days cranking these out for the heart show at Storage Space this friday! 13 mini hand painted wooden heart pins. Super fun to make, not a lot to say about them really haha.

Show info:
Over 50 artists and all art $100 or under!
A Cash/Carry show!
You can't beat it!
*refreshments served opening night Friday February 10th 7pm-midnight

Also open Saturday, Feb 11th and Sunday, Feb 12th 1-4pm



Mom Hearts Pinot said...

These are really great. I love your small stuff.

Limpey said...

I guess your opening happened last night? I just saw this today. I really admire your clean, unmuddy colors and sharp lines; they give all your images an intense look and make me want to learn your painying secrets!