Violent World

Last week I was hanging out at a show and got into a conversation with a guy I ended up knowing indirectly and ended up invited to be in a show really last minute.  The power of punk networking!  I pretty much had five days to knock out a piece for a Misfits themed Halloween show that is all print makers aside from me.  They're one of my favorite bands and I've been way too interested in their baffling lyrics since I was a teen so the category was way too broad and exciting for something I had such limited time to finish.  I ended up just doing a small piece based on the first verse of Violent World in the style of an icon painting.

I'm a big fan of icon paintings and medieval art mostly because of the stylistic similarities to what I like doing (flat color and slick lines, rigid composition and bright color) though there isn't generally a lot of common ground on content.
Where there would be gold leaf I used a metallic acid green paint and I borrowed the color scheme from the cover of Earth A.D.
There are other projects I'm waiting to post because the new blog editor is being really slow and difficult and I have other things to do today. The show is up at Masthead 340 Brown St. Philadelphia and all the other artists will be selling limited edition prints inspired by Misfits songs (except me, I'll just have this weird painting).

In other news check out the light up paper mache space bat mask I made for Halloween!


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