Real Child Of Hell

I finished this last week but kept forgetting to post it. It's the header for that huge daunting Norse universe project I'll be working on slowly for the rest of the year. It's maybe 9in wide and fits into the top of the frame (an old mirror) I got for the piece:
I also realized I hadn't posted process pictures in a while and since people sometimes ask, here's the line drawing for the painting I'm working on this month:
I draw in pencil then ink with microns and erase the pencil since the lead can mix with paint and muddy it. I basically use my own pen drawings like blank coloring book pages I paint over though I occasionally add some hatch lines and note where wrinkles and stuff will be just to give myself something to build on. I actually already painted in the background for this one, so I'll get a shot of it in that stage and then when it's painted but before I add the black outline.

This piece is for a benefit show I'll be a part of next month, I'll post more info about the show and about the piece itself later.


Michael Bukowski said...


Heiner N. Tachy said...

sea molluscs are stranges...

and, yes, i agree about the ravens.
must have been hard to make them look so similar

Kawana Heathcliff said...
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Kawana Heathcliff said...

the downward movement of the squid is so dramatic and intimidating, i like that.

also, i get the impression that you're self-taught, is that true?

wandering genie said...


As for being self taught I suppose I am somewhat. I went to a state school for college and took the handful of art classes that were available there but it was pretty limited. I'm not sure they had much to do with how I make drawings and paintings now. It's a process I'm still working out and trying to refine.