From Whence We Came

So in 2009 my friend Josh organized a bird themed show called "For Those to Come" to benefit the Bird Conservancy, and I contributed a few pieces. This year my friend Ryann decided to do the same thing but with the ocean as the theme and beneficiary. I recently finished my piece for the show, a portrait of a vampire squid, but I have to go get it scanned so for the time being I thought I'd put up a few in progress (pre-outlining) photos and the copy and info for the show, in case anyone is interested in attending. I'll post a finished scan and give some more info on this monster next week.

"The various issues plaguing our world’s oceans are neither simple nor easy to address. Contamination of water sources, destruction of habitat and the consistent (often brutal) depletion of the world’s marine organisms has led to what many experts have suggested is a global epidemic; a crisis that scientists believe could be irreversible in the next twenty years. In fact, the delicate balance that controls the ocean is being tipped by our own hands and it is only by our intervention that we can begin to save the quality and quantity of life living in the open seas. Protecting the world’s marine ecosystems isn’t a political or geographic problem, at best, it should be a global call to action but it can start right here in Philadelphia.

This July, over 40 artists have donated their time and work to ocean conservation. "From Whence We Came" features art from multiple mediums and from artists throughout the US, each piece expressing the artists own interpretation of the ocean and water-related themes. All proceeds from the show will be donated to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society & Oceana, two charities committed to protecting and preserving the world’s oceans. Come see the show, buy some art and know that your involvement will make a difference."

The artist list includes:
Zach Baez, Bonsky, Alan Brown, Michael Bukowski, Ryann Casey, Tracey Cocco, Alex Curtis, Adriane Dalton, Jeanne D'Angelo, Matt DiFilippo, Stephanie Dimiskovski, Melissa Farley, Craig Fineburg, Keegan Fink, Justin Gray, Sarah Grocholski-Breitenstein, Eleanor Grosch, Joseph Hasenauer, Katie Henry, Zia Hiltey, Kane Humboldt, Andrew Johnson-Lally, Doug LaRocca, Emily Kohl-Mattingley, John Mitchell, Lauren McEwen, Kathryn Moran, Gabrielle Muller, Alicia Neal, Joslyn Newman, Duong Nguyen, Melissa Papadakis, Lucy Price, Mary Price, Josh Robeson, Jonathan Schoonover, Maria Smith, Kristen Spor-Cooper, Eric Thivierge, Ketch Wehr, Peter Wonsowski

Benna’s caf
1236 S. 8th St.

Friday, July 8 · 7:00pm - 9:00pm
show runs until August 10th


Anonymous said...

"From whence" is redundant.
"Whence" already means "from where".

Therefore "from whence we came" means "from from where we came".

wandering genie said...

I didn't name this show, I was in it. Additionally "from whence we came" is an extremely common phrase. Also this comment is really generally unproductive and uninteresting. Thanks for leaving it anonymously!