When the Rain Comes Down, Would You Choose to Walk or Stay?

hey hey,

First of all you may have noticed my fancy new blog header. I've been meaning to make something specifically for my blog for a long time but really didn't have time between other projects. So last week I just made time. It was really fun designing and making something just for myself and I think the actual painting itself came out really nicely. I realized when photographing my heart show piece that a lot things that get lost in scans (like all the tiny linework) come out a lot better in photos so here are a couple of the painting I used to make my header:

In other news, I got some pin sets made from some of my fun-a-day paintings, since they were already in a perfect round format. Just the four cryptids: nessie, the mothman, the yeti and the chupacabra. I learned a few things about what looks good in pin format, and found a great place to have small quantities made (http://smallworldbuttons.bigcartel.com/). This lady is super fast and the pins look really nice and she offers the 1.25" size I prefer! I will probably work on designing some art specifically for a button set next. In the mean time though, here are these guys, a 4 button set of 1.25" buttons, $5 a set (including shipping) if you're interested! Contact me through email and I can take shipping info and direct you towards my paypal.

In OLLLLLD news I finally got a full scan of that ST drawing I did last year and cleaned it up on photoshop. Inspired by the song "suicidal failure" and the many excellent hand drawn ST shirts on the cover of the self titled record which is probably one of my lifetime most listened to records:

I may sell prints of this if there's sufficient interest. I mostly made it to amuse myself with the hope that I would one day get around to screening it on the back of a white button up so I'm not sure how desirable it is to other people.

I have a bunch of cool projects to work on coming up and as always I'm struggling to work 40 hours a week and finish art projects and just maybe sort of have a life. It's been snowing (and now raining) like crazy which helps me explain away the fact that I spend pretty much my entire life indoors. I've been really into 80's and early 90's goth and deathrock lately, so I leave you with links to a bunch of that, assuming that like me you would like to wallow in the gloom of late winter! Two Witches, X-Mal Deutschland, 45 Grave, Skeletal Family, Bone Orchard, Ghost Dance, Sisters of Mercy and Christian Death!


sara said...

hey there...was told about your work/blog second handedly via friends and it's f'n brilliant. if you make ST button-ups, put me down for one!

also, i dj a lot of the music you listed in the last half here and just found a current deathrock band called Entertainment that smokes. i can't believe their even a modern band...modern bands can't pull off that sound with out sounding like generic mo's most of the time. they have a record called "Gender" and i wholeheartedly recommended it.

sara said...

whoops, linked myself all kinds of wrong in that post. corrected it in this one. take care!

wanderinggenie said...

oooooooooooo thank you for that recommendation! I'll throw it on the pile, since this is apparently all I feel like listening to lately!

I would love to actually print ST button ups, but I'm sort of daunted by the idea of trying to find button up blanks that people could actually fit into and junk. If I do make a screen I might just make shirts and put a call out for people to send me button ups they have if they'd rather have it on there! In the meantime I think I might get fancy art prints made or something.

thanks for looking!!

katattack said...

hey ! how big is the original and what do you plan to do with it? love, kat

wanderinggenie said...

I can't remember how big it is. Biggish! like at least a foot wide and maybe like 16 in tall? it has a small tear in it and some pencil smudges and stuff so I didn't think anyone would want it nah mean


wanderinggenie said...

wait kat, I just realized you probably mean the skull wing original, in which case that is a foot long and maybe like 5 in wide and it's sitting in my studio right now lovely as can be. whhhhyyyy do you ask?