Mystifying Oracle

Here's my piece for the aforementioned Heart Show. It's a heart shaped Ouija board with a heart shaped planchette that Josh Robeson cut and assembled for me (did I mention he can make anything?). All painted in the usual Pelikan Plaka and now a new Speedball liquid acrylic I picked up recently and really like. While the board isn't technically functional with the planchette, due to the constrictions of the show's theme, the planchette is pretty use-able on it's own (aside from the fact that you'd be putting your grubby fingers on a painting). I've been wanting to design a Ouija board for a while and took this opportunity to make a first attempt. I still want to make a full sized and functional one some day.

Here's the info for the Heart Show, there are a ton of really neat people participating!

Saturday Feb 13th: 3-9pm
Sunday Feb 14th: 12-4pm

1414 S Darien St.
Philly, PA 19147

Also this weekend is the Fun-a-Day show. Because of conflicts with the Heart show I (and my work) will most likely only be there Friday night, but come check it out if you like seeing paintings of tiny creeps.
February 12 and 13, 2010, 7-10 pm at Studio 34
4522 Baltimore Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19143
Reading Event February 13, 4-6 pm

You might also want to take a look at Mike's work for the show. It's ridiculous and awesome. Here's the card he made for his project:

PS- check out my giant tarantula ring in the planchette picture! a birthday present from Mike. Made by this etsy seller whose shop I obviously frequent (animal skull jewelry? YES)


Jeff P said...

Sweet ring! Ouija board is cool, too. I've been talking about doing a RISK board for a while. Is that more or less nerdy?

wanderinggenie said...

mooooooore. yeah, I'm pretty sure more.

pw! said...

pretty incredible work you do!

wanderinggenie said...

hey peter! thank you! and goodness, same to you