No Holding Back The Summer Night

So, as I'm sure it's become clear I've been REALLY bad about blogging this summer. And in fact, I haven't been great about finishing projects. I'm usually pretty down to lock myself inside, especially when it's very very hot or very very cold and these are the seasons where I usually get the most done. For some reason this summer in Philly was particularly fun and distracting. Tons of fun shows every week, lots of lake swimming opportunities, and a couple brief trips to hike and explore. Aside from the smaller projects I finished for friends and some little random things I haven't had much to show, so here are some pictures of some of the more interesting things that distracted me:
Demolition derby!
Tour of the Masonic Temple in Philly! The rooms are ridiculously over the top and the sheer disgust our tour guide had for everyone's stupid conspiracy theory questions alone was worth the price of admission.
Their library also has a little museum full of odd stuff. Like this case filled with symbols carved from bone. Also a piece of George Washington's coffin?!
We also stayed at the Yankee Pedlar on our way to visit my grandfather in Maine this year. You may recognize it as the famously haunted real life location from the new Ti West movie, The Inkeepers. It looks identical to how it did in the movie.
As usual, we spent our time in Maine hiking, taking hundreds of pictures of mushrooms and weird bugs and haunting old roadside cemeteries.
And last but not least the constant illegal lake swimming. This lake is supposedly haunted by the Jersey Devil, who pulls swimmers to their doom. I didn't know it could swim?!

There were also so many fun shows. Infinite Void, Arctic Flowers, The Brood, Sickoids (including their last show) Kim Phuc, Night Birds, The Adults, Terrible Feelings, Smart Cops. Non stop super distracting fun. I was basically constantly either at work, on a bike, in a lake, in the woods or at a show. Or eating icecream.

Anyway, summer is over, and it's beyond time for me to buckle down. This month I have a fun commission and a piece for another group show to finish so expect more updates, less about all the dumb stuff I do and more about the art I assume you're here to look at. I also did a ton of reading this summer I was going to talk about so I'll be as long winded as ever. For now here's a little teaser of what I'll be working on this week:

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