In What Distant Deeps Or Skies

Started work on a new painting this week. Just got to the inking stage last night but here are the pencils. I'm pretty pleased with how this is coming out but I maaaaaay have made a lot of work for myself because the background is almost as involved as the foreground and will probably take a long time to finish.

Also in the planning stages of a big group show to benefit Bat Conservation International. I've never organized a show before but I'm pretty excited about it. It's a cause I care about a lot and we've been able to ask a lot of artists whose work I love and the response has been really positive so I'm anticipating some really great pieces. There will doubtless be more updates in the coming months (the show isn't until April).

Side note; I was talking to a woman at The Autumn Spell opening who when I told her that I painted my work asked incredulously "with paint?" and then said she assumed I meant it was digitally "painted". I've seen a lot of artists who work digitally refer to pieces as "paintings" presumably because they're using Illustrator or Photoshop brushes and it irks me for some reason. My thought is if you didn't use actual paint to make it, if you haven't ruined all of your pants and t-shirts and shoes and if you don't somehow have paint in your hair and under your nails, if you've never held an actual brush you're not making a painting. Call it a digital painting if you must.

Final note; Buy Some Damn Art is featuring original paintings by my buddy Alan right now and you should buy some of his damn art.


M E D U S A W O L F said...

aw, Jeanne! thanks so much! i can't wait for the baaaaaaaaaaaaat shooooooww!!!!

Limpey said...

I agree that in order to call something a 'painting,' it should involve paint.
Moving pixels around on the computer is its own thing. Saying it is not a painting isn't slamming digital art; its just saying that the art itself is not made of paint.
I'd consider 'digital painting' to be acceptable.

wandering genie said...

Yeah I definitely have nothing against artists who work digitally because there are some really practical reasons to work that way and really skilled digital artists can do some impressive and unique things. I'm just flabbergasted at the idea that the immediate assumption of someone when hearing that something is a painting is that it was painted digitally or that digital techniques are a new method of painting, or some modern extension of it instead of their own unique medium.

Tamara Santibanez said...

Hey Jeanne! Everything is looking awesome as always! I'm super down to do something for the bat benefit show if you still want me to be a part of it. Keep me updated!

wandering genie said...

Oh I definitely want you to be in it! I was actually going to send out the email tonight. Check your inbox later!