Who Is In Dust Awakens

I've been pretty absent from posting because I'm at a really weird point now. In the planning stages of a commission bouncing sketches back and forth with not much to show anyone else yet. I'm admittedly pretty impatient and not much of a planner, and my process is usually "got an idea, draw it out, paint it" but when you're working in a medium as impossible to change or edit as gouache and casein paint are, it's pretty integral to get everything straight before you get started on something for someone else.

Because not having anything to work on makes me anxious and finishing projects, even small ones is something I find weirdly reassuring I started the drawing for a trade I'm doing. It'll be another one of those wooden crosses, inspired by a lot of the demonology stuff I've been reading. More on that later.
I should have a final drawing for the commission I'm working on, info about what it is and a bunch of rambling about demonology and all the new books I bought about oracles and Greek mystery cults coming up. Blah blah blah.

This post is boring, maybe read this instead?


Ryan King said...

Love your art work! It's so eerie and gorgeous. Kudos to the guys at Magic Carpet Burn for featuring it on their page and sending me the link. If I was a top-hat touting, monocle wearing Mr. Moneybags, I would absolutely offer to buy it all. Cheers!

wandering genie said...

Thank you so much!