Huginn To The Hanged And Muninn To The Slain


I'm feeling uncharacteristically down on stuff lately so I admittedly haven't been very productive. Here's a few process pictures of stuff I have managed to get started.

The ink drawing for the topper that will go on the frame for the giant piece I have in the works:
And a shot of it as I started to paint it last week. I've gotten way further since:
This is Huginn and Muninn Odin's ravens (thought and memory) flanking his eye which will be positioned at the top of the frame looking down at the whole world that will (hopefully, by the end of the year) be rendered below it.

Basically for this project which will take place over the span of en entire year, I needed to think of a subject that would be able to do in pieces on a large scale. It's hard to explain but the way the paint I use seems to work, and the rate at which it starts to dry out and separate after being mixed means making one big uniform area of color is really hard for me. I wanted to do something with a layered world with a lot of different textures and colors, something where I could represent water, forests, sky, creatures, and subterranean creeps. It occurred to me that the Norse structure of the universe would give me lots of opportunity to do all that. I'll write more about it when it's a bit more underway.

Aside from this project I'm working on a present I can't post for a couple more weeks, and starting a small poster for a friend to be used as a bonus insert for pre-orders of a record he's putting out. Here's a sketch for it:
This is a noteworthy sketch because generally my sketches are jumbled completely unrendered garbage that I can't make heads or tales of even a few days after making it. Observe:
Good thing I labeled everything?



xkettnerdx said...

If you keep making norse mythology paintings, I might need to get tattoos of alla them. dag.

requests: sleipnir, ratatosk maybe chewing on a crucified odin? damn...

wandering genie said...

As much as it isn't feasible my standing plan is to try and paint EVERYTHING hahaha soooo. Sleipnir is a MUST though. I already have a goofy sketch for all the Yggdrasil creatures so Ratatosk is also totally in.

Amy Duncan said...

that mushroomy owl looks amazing jeanne! I will definitely buy a norse themed painting or two from you, particularly if you were to do freya with her chariot drawn by cats! been maenaing to paint her myself for ages. did you sell all the whale bones and things?

Amy Duncan said...

maenaing? I should have at least a sip of coffee before I sit at the computer in the morning.

wandering genie said...

Hey Ammmmmy! the mushroomy owl needs some further development but I think it will be cool. I've dabbled with the whole sprouting corpse thing ideal in a few drawings, hopefully this one will be a little more developed.

Freya with the cats is a must! Any other requests? basically this is going to be one huge painting with evvvverything norse in it (ok..not everything), but I'm thinking I could sell prints of the whole or smaller prints of parts? It's a long way off though. sigh.

Whale bones all sold but none of the paintings on paper did. haha apparently i should always paint on bones?

wandering genie said...

oh but I should mention that I would also LOVE to see a painting of Freya done by you!

Amy Duncan said...

fuck yeah jeanne, freya art swap?! and fuck yeah to sprouting corpses too, best idea ever!

painting on bones is pretty awesome, but the paper ones are killer too, can't believe thay didn't sell! I held back due to excessive spending of late but might have to reconsider since you still have them all.

the idea of one huge painting made of individual smaller paintings is great...I would definitely be keen for prints of them all. I second the sleipnir request, and add hel and loki for sure. I also bet you'd do a mean ran and aegir.

TimothyH said...

As always.....the anticipation grows. Love the latest work...I'd definitely consider a tattoo on my virgin white flesh. :)

Anonymous said...

so glad i found your blog.. wonderful wonderful work.

wandering genie said...

Amy, so glad you mentioned Hel. I did a bunch of drawings of her when I was like 12, and I'm um...itching to improve on those!

naomiii, I'm glad you did too!