To Walk The Night, To Forever Roam

So, I know I've been posting less lately, and that's because I'm working at a less feverish pace and enjoying my favorite season. This weekend was amazing. There was the Hallowed Halloween group show at Proximity which mike had an amazing piece in, the Birth Noise/Cat Vet/Trophy Wife/Zombie Dogs show, the Russian Cultural Festival, and the Shoppers/Pink Coffins/Straightjacket Nation show (with bonus backyard bonfire). Also I met a cool rat and it peed on me.

The one project I did finish this past week was the header for The Living Doorway. I'm really into how it came out and it was really fun to paint at a reasonable pace and not have my eyes cross after like 12 hours straight of painting one thing.
Jaime had asked for a "satanic goat horned vulture" so I had no problem staying inspired. Note the little demon signatures on the skulls because I'm a dweeb. I'll never get tired of drawing that smoke junk....

Next up is the Haxan box for the Video Violence show. I did a lot of hacksawing and sanding and I have the wooden book/box ready to go. Just working out the design of the illustration itself.

In other news my show comes down Thursday evening so we can hang Mike's new show!:
Monster Manual and D&D toy inspired weirdness. As the person who is privy to his work in every stage I can say that this show will be really fucking cool and you shouldn't miss it if you're anywhere in the area!

I sold everything but three pieces from my show and a number of prints which I just sent off to be printed and the awesome news is that the money I made from the show almost completely pays for....my trip to ROMANIA this fall (where I will no doubt learn about spooky new shit to come home and paint about). Romania, home of Transylvania, the Carpathian mountains, the painted churches, the Borgo Pass, like 20 different castles the Vlad Tepes set foot in once that claim to be "Dracula's Castle", the Merry Cemetery , wolves, bears etc etc etc. Mike and I leave in mid-november and we'll have about ten days. I'm currently learning how to count in Romanian and hopefully will work my way up to the necessary pleasantries and pleas for vegetarian food. I'll be smuggling home a coffin full of Transylvanian soil and plague rats if anyone is interested...

Finally, I've been meaning to mention this for a while and this seems like a good time: you should really be reading Destroying Angels if you like outsider, punk and metal art. It's definitely one of those zines that was exactly what I was looking for when my awesome friend Ned lent me his back issues. Tons of interviews with people with an awesome perspective on making art that's based on a real love of the subject matter and a genuine passion for what they do. Lots of artists I've admired for years as well as a few I didn't know about, or whose work I had seen and liked but never known much about. The tenth issue just got reprinted and you should definitely grab it while you can. 3D cover, awesome interviews! Maybe you're lucky and you also have a cool friend like Ned who has the back issues too.

Enough already!!!!


Jen M said...

Jeanne, that poster turned out SO GOOD.

wandering genie said...

I assume you mean the blog header thingy. Thank you!

is this jen miz?