I See a Rainbow, All in Black

Working on the last of those three dudes. I'm way past the point I was at when I took this photo, but I thought I'd post it as it shows one of my least favorite steps, filling in the background around all the little bits. Because I don't want the paint to build a bunch of texture I do everything in sections and try to avoid overlap. Bleh. What's wrong with me?

Along the same lines I ummm appear to have been hoarding frames. Initially these were all for this show but I ended up using those crosses and having Josh make a couple so now I just have a lifetime's worth of gold frames. All found at flea markets, on the curb, or donated from my aunt. Most of them for $1-$3!
Tomorrow I leave for Maine for a week of living my ideal life: days running around in the woods and messing around by the ocean and nights painting monsters and creeping around in the fog like the Wolfman with Mike. No cell phone, no internet. Just this:
See ya, chumps!


Borgus Weems said...

I am extremely jealous.

wandering genie said...

I am often sorry I can't bring everyone I like with me!