In the Night When the Wolves Cry Out

Hey remember those line drawings from my last post? Here's one finished and one nearly finished. As you can see basically everything that could possibly be interesting to look at happens at the painting stage. I really do treat the line drawing like a coloring book and go from there.
This finished one is the first of the series and is actually pretty small. maybe a good 8 in tall? The second one is probably around 10 in.
I'm including these pictures so you can see what stuff looks like before I put the outline back in. It looks sort of interesting to me and all the value and rendering is there but for some reason there is this compulsive anal retentive part of me that is expressed absolutely nowhere else in my chaotic messy life that insists on and takes great pleasure in bounding it all back up in tons of black line work. There are some parts that I think look really cool un-outlined though, and I sometimes toy with the idea of doing some colored line work instead of always resorting to black though I am probably more influenced by comic books (especially EC) than even I am aware of and will always have a great love for interesting black linework.

I've been rewatching the X-files for the first time since it originally aired while working the past few weeks. I'm actually pretty impressed and entertained. Oh also I watched Wendy O Williams and the Plasmatics: 10 years of Revolutionary Rock and Roll yesterday and it was excellent. I recommend it.


roxy said...

man i love that second gross cryptkeeper !!!!

wandering genie said...

thanks! you're like...the leading cryptkeeper art curator so it means a lot!

Jeff P said...

Ha! We tried rewatching X-Files recently. I made it through a couple episodes, gave up and told Liz to let me know when she gets to the second Liver Eater episode. Paintings are looking rad. I love all the texture in the face of the second guy. Thanks for sharing the in-progress stuff.

wandering genie said...

thanks, jeff! also the liver eater episodes are BOTH in the first season. "squeeze" and "toombs" also the one with the human sewer fluke called "host" is in the second season and is awwwwwesome!

Liz said...

I was going to comment and say that I started re-watching the X-Files, too, but I guess you know that already, so I'll just have to comment on how unbelievably incredible these are. I love your anal-retentive art. Come visit!