Draw Not Your Bow Till Your Arrow is Fixed

I do all my spray painting in our basement, which is also a screenprinting studio, with no concern for the state of the floors (rented property, total scum landlord). My roomate took this picture of the aftermath of the gold painted crosses i made for my upcoming show and it delights me.
The "2010" below is from a sign I made for the fake photobooth at my friends' new years party.

Right now I'm working on a second cross with an illustration from Viy, a short story by Nikolai Gogol, which was also made into a seriously incredible movie. It was the first soviet era horror movie produced in Russia and slipped under the radar because of the traditional folk tale elements it contained.

Totally insane technicolor, witches, demons, flying coffins... I love it. There's actually a remake in the works that looks really good!

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Amy Duncan said...

thanks for posting this clip, I'd never heard of it before but the original viy looks incredible. I'm now on a mission to hunt down a copy of the subtitled dvd...