So I started working on some album art for a Philly band, Women. It all has a sort of...mad science Reanimator theme, and what it amounts to is a LOT of drawings of rats and green fluid. So far I finished the labels. The live rat is A and the dead rat is B. I still have a lot of work to do on it.

I'll basically be working on the Women record for the next few weeks but I'm trying to work as hard as possible to get it done in time to do the Laurel Hill thing. Also of note, one of my birthday presents from mike was a magnifying light:
I tried it out last week and holy shit...it makes those insanely small details so much easier and makes some really ridiculously small things possible. Of course it's slightly maddening to see my lines under it, looking so inconsistent and imperfect but always relieving to pull the magnifyer away and watch all the flaws disappear...also, man...are my fingernails dirty it turns out...

If you live in NY (or will be there soon) you should REALLY go see Tamara's show. It opens tonight and it looks amazing. Basically everything I've seen of hers is really cool and mindblowing, and she's an awesome multi-talented lady!

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